The Fourth Man

“Blunt seemed to be completely indifferent. In fact, it was only when we got a call from someone in the Navy back in Dover telling us to get out fast that we decided to do so. And then we had to go dig Blunt out of his Billet in the town.”

“Inter-office memos which, like so much of his life, had all the overtones of high comedy… ‘Mr Burgess will, in future, refrain from munching garlic during office hours.”

“Burgess, touring North Africa on holiday, ‘made a point of calling on the various Secret Service representatives in places which he visited… [with] his opinion of the Secret Service in general, and the representative to whom he was talking at the time in particular, was not the highest… When he return to duty it was to find he was on the carpet.”

Bathos: The sudden ludicrous descent from exalted to ordinary matters or style in speech and writing.

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