The Worst Things You Could Do

We are trying to think of the worst things you could do, in your position as a spy. In no particular order:

- Inform about undercover agents to the bad guys
- 2 x sectarian groups – divulging the location of one group to the other
- Selling secrets (purposefully) to the wrong people
- Sex trafficking
- Black market organs
- Minority hiding out in a safehouse location – that location being divulged
- Set someone up to be taken by the KGB
- The microfilm
- Chernobyl
- Surveillance. Have they dobbed someone in?
- Informant’s cover blown, tortured, gave up info about other agents at large, locations, control
- Something to create an international incident. Maybe the only solution is to turn them over to the authorities
- Has inspired civil disobedience and it has backfired, many people killed

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