Month of Sundays

Portfolio Categories: 2007.

Would you talk about inbreeding over breakfast? How about boob jobs, or hash cookies? Would you discuss the leering lesbian loophole, or the advantage of sex with flautists? Would you talk about cancer or unrequited love, boarding school or sand pits? Month of Sundays, the new play from SNAFU Theatre Company, is set over a series of Sunday breakfasts, and its four frank and funny characters have no problem discussing all these topics and many more. In fact as the play progresses the drama shifts from gasping at how much these people will say to wondering what lurks behind the words they leave unsaid.
Of course Month of Sundays is not really about marijuana, or schoolgirls, or any of the topics mentioned above. The play is set during a perpetual Sunday morning, and so its central concern is actually with the nature of the morning after, the time where we discuss everything that happened last night, all the things we did, and all the things we wish we didn’t. Thus while the play is a comedy, filled with searing one liners and pithy put downs galore, it centres emotionally around the idea of missed chances, mistakes and regrets.

Mel – Samantha Hill
Liz – Felicity Hopkins
Chris – Nicholas Kaschke
Simon – Alex Lance
Helen – Kate McCarthy

Written and Produced by May Jasper
Director – Sam Wilson
Assistant Director – Kate McCarthy
Stage Manager and Lighting Design – Cail Young
Graphic Design – Jacky Tucker

Performed at Melbourne
Fringe Festival, First Floor
October 2007