The Beginning of the End

Portfolio Categories: 2008.

It’s been two years since Germany’s victory in the Battle of Britain, and the citizens of the Occupied English Territories live their lives in a constant fog of paranoia and fear. The world seems to have turned upside down, there’s the SS in Essex, concentration camps in Coventry, and the fight for democracy is waged only by the foolhardy souls of the British resistance. When the Nazi’s most powerful leaders gather for a conference in the English countryside, its villagers are forced with fatal suddenness to choose, to take a side or be silent, with their own lives in the balance. Can any hope exist in these, the bleakest of times? One thing’s for certain, Churchill was wrong. Cause this sure ain’t the end of the beginning.

Script improvised and devised by cast, with additional scenes by Sam Wilson and May Jasper.

Olivia Cuthbert-Price – Anthony Cleave
Sam Hancock/Peter Waterman – Jasper Garner Gore
Harriet Martin – Samantha Hill
Dash Cunningham/Constance Pettigrove – Felicity Hopkins
William Cuthbert-Price – Nicholas Kaschke
Aggie Hancock – Kate McCarthy


Directed by Sam Wilson
Producer – May Jasper
Art Director – Anthony Cleave
Assistant Art Director – Hannah Cuthbertson
Stage Manager and Lighting Designer – Cail Young
Sound designer – Del McCarthy
Production Stills by Tim Eyles


Thank You To

Ruaridh Atkins, Chris Donnelly, Graham Jasper, Margaret Jasper, Andrew McKinlay, Phil McLean, Elyjah McLeod, Emmett McNickle, Fee Murray, Ross Sherlock, Nick Wilson.
Anyone who bought chocolate or came to a fundraising event. Or both.

Performed at
Broken Mirror
Melbourne Fringe Festival
October 2008