The Dead Air

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When you’re a saviour, a hero to others, who’s there when you need to be rescued? And how do you break free from a relationship that’s doing you more harm than good?
The Dead Air recounts the stories of two strangers, whose worlds collide one day in a profound and horrific way. What results is an intense web of power play, heightened emotion, misunderstandings and forgotten memories, escalating to one, near fatal, incident.
The Dead Air was a new direction for SNAFU in more ways than one. It marked our first excursion outside the Fringe for many years, and offers the chance to explore some of the darker themes that were present in shows such as Death’s Variety Hour and The Beginning of the End, without our usual comedy safety net.

Clare – Felicity Hopkins
Matt – Jasper Garner Gore
Written by May Jasper and Sam Wilson
Director – Sam Wilson
Assistant Director – Kate McCarthy
Producer – May Jasper
Assistant Producer – Vikki Doig
Music Composed and Performed by Adele McCarthy
Lighting Design – Cail Young
Set Design – Ross Sherlock
Costume Design – Hannah Cuthbertson
Graphic Design – Alex Lance

Thank yous

Ruaridh Atkins, Samantha Hill, Eliza Knight, Andy MacKinlay and the perpetually elusive Wendy Yap.

19 February – 28 February, 2009
Dante’s, Fitzroy