Murder at Warrabah House

Portfolio Categories: 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Murder at the Warrabah House

the audience left the auditorium in awe

performed beautifully
The Scotsman

Superbly executed
Beat Magazine

A welcome example of what happens when the performer and crew get it right.
Arts Hub Australia

Both homage to and dark departure from the traditional Agatha Christie murder mystery, this antipodean re-imagining of the classic tale of death at a country house turns the crime genre upside down in more ways than one.

The play boasts a cast of intriguing characters, all bought to life by phenomenally talented Samantha Hill, and all bound together in a cunning and unexpected narrative that will keep you guessing to the very end.

written by May JASPER and Sam WILSON
performed by Samantha HILL (Melbourne 2011, 2012, Warburton 2013)
performed by Felicity HOPKINS (Edinburgh 2011)
directed by Sam WILSON
produced by May JASPER (Melbourne 2011, 2012, Edinburgh 2011)
produced by Erin VOTH (Warburton 2013)

lighting design & operation by Cail YOUNG
art direction by Karleng LIM
poster design by Alex LANCE (Melbourne 2011, 2012)
poster design by Adam BRADSHAW (Edinburgh 2011)
publicity by Vikki DOIG (Edinburgh 2011)

thanks to Vanessa BAYLEN, Stefan BECKS-PHELPS, Karlyn BOYTER, Margaret CROSBY, Graham and Margaret JASPER, Alia VRYENS, Clio WILLIAMS

Studio 246, Brunswick (with Samantha HILL)
March 2011

The Space@Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh Fringe (with Felicity HOPKINS)
August 2011

La Mama, Carlton (with Samantha HILL)
July 2012

The Memo, Upper Yarra Valley Arts Centre, Warburton (with Samantha HILL)
August 2013