Saturday Afternoon Soap Opera

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go along and enjoy it.

Drama, intrigue, dog food, truth serum, guilt, grief, sexual confusion and seduction. Melbournians are invited to experience the dizzying highs and despicable lows of Soap Opera like you’ve never seen before.
Saturday Afternoon Soap Opera was developed from an original concept by May Jasper. A serialised, improvised theatre piece, where the plot moves along every week, all the while encapsulating the ridiculousness of the soap opera format.

Mirrors Lounge Bar, Sat 31 October – Sat 5 December 2009

Cecilia Rose Carrington – Lena Chayna
Josh – Jasper Garner Gore
Casey – Samantha Hill
Harris – Nic Kaschke
Oscar – Alex Lance
Veronika Carrington – Michelle Nussey
Produced by May Jasper
Directed by Sam Wilson

Thank yous

Kyle Shearer, Michael Sloane, Melissa Rodis, Fitzroy Nursery and Fiona Murray.